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Upcoming Mindfulness Retreats
(Spring only)

Mindfulness retreats are an incredible way to learn and experience effective stress-relieving techniques all while immersed in a beautiful natural environment.

Practicing Mindfulness can give you benefits such as:

Feeling Calmer

Decrease in Anxiety

Increase in Mental Clarity

Better Physical Health

and much more!

These retreats are completely unique combining mindfulness and nature based techniques to have you leaving the day feeling refreshed and grounded. 

The retreats take place in Clinton MT (about 18 miles E of Missoula), on private forested land which bumps up against the Clark Fork river. They are led by Mica Wolcott, owner of Nature in Mind and nature based therapist.

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More retreats will be added for the summer season!

These retreats all take place in Clinton MT and are outdoors, with the option of a covered space if needed due to weather. A gear list will be provided to those who sign up. These retreats are limited to 6 people so click the "sign me up" button now if interested in one of these dates. *Please note a $20 non-refundable deposit is needed to secure your spot, this is included in the price.

See you soon!

Tree 4

Febraury 10th
10a-2p (4 hours)


March 16th
10a-2p (4 hours)

Tree 3

April 7th 
10a-4p (6 hours, includes lunch)

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