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Tree Lined Park

Parts Work Coaching

Are you interested in learning a highly effective technique that will increase your self-awareness and bring clarity to your life?

Tree Lined Park

I have chosen to offer parts work coaching for those interested in self-growth and for support that is focused and can be short term.


In parts work coaching, I will introduce and support you in learning the specific technique of using parts work. With this technique you will gain more self-awareness and the ability to resolve internal conflict.


This is a highly effective and helpful technique!


You will leave coaching with specific and beneficial tools to utilize throughout the rest of your life. 


Please note, within coaching, I do not diagnose or treat mental health diagnoses. Prior to starting coaching, we will make sure this is the best fit for your goals.

Tree Lined Park

What is parts work coaching?

Have you ever said to yourself, "a part of me wants to ___(fill in the blank), but another part of me wants the exact opposite".

Whether it has to do with choosing to exercise versus watch television, relationship struggles or decisions at work, we all have those internal conflicts that leave us feeling stuck. In parts work, we work with the many different voices/energies within each person. You may have heard of Internal Family Systems (IFS) which is a well known parts work theory/technique. Within my work, I bring in multiple systems including IFS as well as somatic theory, experiential techniques and gestalt.


My training and education have included courses during my MA program, online trainings and a 5-day training put on by the Somatic Wilderness Therapy Institute on Nature-based Parts Work.


I choose to offer this coaching because I have seen the many benefits within clients' lives and my own!


Once you learn the techniques, you can utilize parts work to bring clarity to your life...for the rest of your life!

Parts work coaching is structured and focused. I am here to support you in learning the different ways to utilize this technique. Coaching will include:

  • "Flushing" out parts (Get to know who is in your system)

  • Deepening your understanding and connection to these parts

  • Learning how to shift troublesome parts into more helpful positions

  • Experiencing more balance within your system

Parts work coaching tends to be short-term because once you learn the tools you can use them on your own! I have seen most clients feel comfortable to use the tools after 6 sessions which is why I offer a discounted package. You are also welcome to pay per session and if you pay for a package and would like additional sessions you can remain at the package rate.

A 15 minute complimentary intake call is offered to anyone interested in coaching. Please click the button below to set this up and recieve pricing information.

Coaching is offered in person in Clinton, MT or via telehealth.

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