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Outdoor Retreats

Offered throughout the year...

These retreats are a great way to build community, relieve burn out and spend a day immersed in incredible surroundings! Nature in Mind offers outdoor day retreats (multi-day coming soon!) focusing on topics such as mindfulness, stress relief tools and parts work. These retreats take place in Clinton MT (about 18 miles east of Missoula MT). 

We all have heard about the amazing benefits that come from being in nature but here are a few to remind you:

  • Decrease in anxiety and depression symptoms

  • Increase in immunity

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Better sleep

  • Lower cortisol levels

  • Feeling calmer and more connected

Not Satisfied?

Here are some articles from Healthline, American Psychological Association and Harvard.







What participant's have said about these retreats

"My husband and I joined Mica on her mindfulness nature walk and it absolutely exceeded our expectations. As two people that are consumed by all the stressors that life throws at us, we have found that the most trying thing has been to unwind, decompress and destress. Within minutes, I found myself in a completely different state of mind, and left feeling a sense of peace, lighter, and happier. My husband and I were provided the space to connect in a way that we never knew how to just one on one. I highly recommend this counseling course for anyone that is feeling uneasy or overwhelmed by the current state of things. It is a safe and wonderful place to be introspective and communicate your feelings in a non-judgmental space. Thank you Mica! We're trying to book another session for this summer!" -Jojo

"last summer I had an amazing mindfulness experience on the Clark Fork River with Mica Wolcott. I was nervous as I had not previously been to this type of group. In seconds I was relieved of my tension and all things new were relaxing yet adventurous to my soul. I highly recommend these outdoor groups with Mica. I will be joining in again and again." -Beth

"Such and incredible experience. I attended one of Micah’s retreats a couple of months back and I’m enthusiastically attending another. I already use nature as part of my healing but she opens us to other ways to harness its power."


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